Absima Sherpa - Review


First we want to thank Absima GMBH for sending us the new Absima Sherpa. Absima came with a brand new RTR Crawler. The official launch of this model was in May 2020. Bloodbrothers Crawlers came in contact with Absima and a perfect cooperation was born.


The Sherpa is a Rc Crawler that you can take on a trip right out of the box. Only thing you need are battery's and charger. Everything that a scaler and crawler enthousiast wants is on the Sherpa: Lightkit, CNC Frame, Aluminium motor mount, difflock front/backside, portal axles, scale accessoires, steering damper, waterproof electronics and a lot more.



CNC Alu frame:

The CNC aluminium frame is an great feature in this car. It adds a lot of strength to the main chassis of the Sherpa. Together with the aluminum links is this a great feature.


Flip the body:

One of the biggest plus on this RTR Crawler is that you can flip the body open everywhere. For easy acces to the battery and electronics.


Steering damper:

Also a nice feature on this crawler is the steering damper, fitted on the aluminum steering system. This damper prevents damaging the steering servo while driving.



The shocksprings are inside the shockabsorbers and they are also fitted with shockshaft covers to prevent dust comming in.


Aluminium Motor mount:

The aluminum motor mount adds a lot of strength to the chassis of the Sherpa. The motor fits well inside. We think a Hobbywing AXE series can fit inside this Sherpa.


Blinking Lights:

On other crawler you never know when you are in High ot Low gear. High en low gear is noticible through blinking turnsignals when switched into high gear. They can see you are "in comming"


Worth its money:

The Sherpa is deffinitaily worth it's money. The RTR Sherpa cost € 419,11 (approximately 494 USD). And comes in four colours; Gray, Olive Green, Orange and Blue. You can pull the Sherpa out of the box and hit the Trail. For some extra smoothness we would recommand some of our Bloody Lotion Rc Grease.



The Sherpa comms with a complete lightkit, with working turnsignals when your steering a nice looking feature.



- The Sherpa is a little bit top heavy at some points.

- Tires aren't that good climbing in loose sand.

- What we miss is a small lock to prevent the body from opening, when you start rolling of a high hill. This may damage the body in the future.

-The blue lights on the front are looking cool, would be looking more scale if the where also white.



Length: 542mm

Width: 250mm

Height: 240mm

Ground Clearance: 53mm

Wheelbase: 313mm

Weight: 2970g

Approach Angle: 60°

Departure Angle: 45°

Steering Angle: 45.8°

Wheels: 12mm Hex Beadlock 1.9" 32x69mm  

Tires: 43x120mm

Shock Length: 90mm

Transmission: 2-speed (Hi 1/15.1 / Lo 1/37.1), Remote shifting

Gear Pitch: Module 0.8/32dp - Pinion 16T / Spur Gear 44T

Drive System: 4WD Shaft Drive

 ESC: 60A Brushed/Waterproof with T-plug connector (BEC 6V@3A, NiMh/LiPo suitable)

Motor: 550 high-torque brushed motor 21T

Steering Servo: 9kg MG, digital and waterproof  

Mini Servos: 0,9kg, waterproof

Radio System: 6-channel 2.4GHz radio system (4.8 - 12.0V LiPo suitable) 

Overall the Sherpa earns a great score by the looks a the upgrades it allready got.

When you are new in rc crawlers this is a perfect rc to start with. If you own already 10 other crawlers! Its is a great crawler to add to your collection for a great price!


Pim and Kevin

Bloodbrothers Crawlers