Carson MC-10 Mountain Warrior Review

First we want to say thanks to Carson Modelsports for sending us the MC-10 Mountain Warrior Rc Crawler. It is great to test your products and let our followers know what we think about it.

Check our the specifications and our review below.


Out of the box:
Once delivered we can start unboxing the MC-10, inside the box you will find a complete package to start driving. The set includes;
- 1x MC-10 Mountain Warrior
- 1x Carson Transmitter
- 1x NimH battery pack (7,4V 1700mAh)
- 1x usb charger
- 1x Manual (English/Deutsch)
Aluminum ladder frame
Low pressure grip tires
Led light front and backorder
Led operable from the transmitter 
2,4 GHz Radio with ReflexWheel 3
9 kg Steering servo
Technical specifications:
Scale: 1:10
Length 490 mm
Wilde: 240 mm
Height: 253 mm
Weight: 1980 g
Wheelbase 313 mm
Bottom clearance: 40 mm
4WD drive (ball bearings)
Price: €329,- / $381 USD

First look:
The first look out of the box is great, we love the shape of the body and the characters with the helmets sitting inside the MC-10. 
We noticed that the body is quite high on the mc10, we think to lower the body soon on this crawler just to fill the gap on the front and backside. On the front side you can see it can be lowered 10 mm for sure.
Charging the battery:
Carson brings you a USB plug to charge your battery by using the balance plug on the battery. This allows you to charge up your battery anywhere at any time.
Great looking RTR Crawler out of the box
Strong aluminum frame
Option to add lights on the roof lightbar
Great soft tires for crawling
Lights included in the MC-10
Ground clearance 40 mm
Front wheel clearance (while approacing rocks and objects)
Plastic links we would recommend upgrading this to aluminum or steel.
Gold wheels (would look better in flat black) this can be a matter of taste.
Body to high out of the box, but this can be adjusted easily.
Body rings fall of when you take off the body

Let's take a closer look!

Let's Rock and roll!
We took the MC-10 out for a test drive and put it to the test. At the first obstacle, the MC10 got across it, while driving on the rocks you can see the soft tires gripping on the rocks. The shocks do their work and the steering servo can work on many conditions. We also tested how waterproof it really is after we took a drive through the water. All the electronics still work.
It drives great on rocks, sand, and dirt, the motor is strong enough to carry the weight of the MC-10. While going up on the rocks the MC-10 suddenly stop reacting on the remote, must have lost its radio connection. After a quick reset, it all worked again and we drove ahead on the rocks.
The overall look of this RC crawler is good for its price, and perfect if you want to start with RC crawling and you don't want to spend over €450 / 520 USD on an RC car. It can drive out of the box with everything you need. It got a steel ladder frame that can handle the conditions it needs to. With a price like the MC-10 you can't expect steel links, the plastic links bend and will not break that's a good thing to see.
Possible Modifications:
Yes, it needs some more decals from Bloodbrothers, every crawler needs decals. The first modification we will do is lower the body by lowering the body posts. And we will think about painting the wheels in flat black. Just because we think it will suit the gray body and black cage better. And we will soon add some led lights to the lightbar, just because it will look great on the roof with real lights in it. If you want to go crazy and upgrade the electronics you can fit an 1080 esc inside with a Holmes Hobbies Trailmaster motor in the MC-10. It's all possible!
So if you are look for a car with a funfactor and have the possibilty to upgrade your crawler, you will have some fun this the MC-10. We will have some fun with it in and our kids will have some fun with this crawler also. 

Are you interested in buying a Carson MC-10 Mountain Warrior?
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