We are two brothers and Rc Enthausiasts, wit a passion for design and RC cars. Pim is a creative designer and Kevin does the decalset sales and the product shipping. Bloodbrothers Graphics is a hobby next to our regular jobs.

It all started in 2015 when Kevin needed a decalset for his Kraken TSK-1. Pim started with the design for Kevin’s Kraken on a hand drawn template.  When it was finished the two brothers came up with the idea to start making decalsets for other RC cars. So we went to the drawing board and came up wit the name ''Bloodbrothers’’ because this is what we are. Finally we choose to have it written like ''Bloodbrothers Graphics’’. The hand in our logo stands for the handcrafted diecuts that we draw for every NEW RC body in the market. The handcraft in our work is our most important selling these days, we only go for a perfect fitment on the rc body’s. After we started a Facebook page for Bloodbrothers Graphics in 2015, it all gone so fast. Bloodbrothers Graphics was founded in December 2015, we growing so fast and allready shipping our decalsets all over the world.


Today we are making complete decalsets and scale decalsets for the most leading rc models in the market. We are looking constantly for the new trends in designs and listening to what our customers want.


All decalsets are printed on High Quality thick UV Gloss material for the perfect look on your RC car. Our material doesn’t rip or tare while applying the decalset to your RC body or panels. You can even adjust them till you think they sit fine on your model. All our decalses are user friendly, make sure you take your time to apply a Blooodbrothers decalset and degrease the surface with degreaser. We recommand Motip degreaser on your body or panels.


If you have any questions about a design o rif you have a custom request, feel free to sen dus an email: info@bloodbrothersgraphics.com