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We do custom design for €35 per hour extra on the decalset price. 

We make what you want on your decalset!


Custom J Button - Rocket Motorsports

Traxxas UDR J Button - Rocket Motorsports decalset, printed on thick high quality material with Gloss Finish to protect the print. Fits perfect on the UDR body, 

Body not included.


Price including 3 hours custom design.



#1. There will be parts that will not be covered with this decalset, our advice to use a white and black coat on the inside of your udr body.


For other customers, please do not buy this decalset. This set is custom made for Alex Foyle.


€ 159,95

  • 10 kg
  • On order for next batch
  • Next Batch: October 19, 20201


Track Official livery decalset

Track Official Livery decalset, printed on thick high quality material with UV Gloss Finish to protect the print. This set includes: 2x Side striping, 1x hood striping.


Attention! These decals are pre-cutted and can be fitted on your crawler the way you like them.

The open spots in the decalset will show the base paint of your crawler.

This set requirs some pantiece and creativity like we did on our TRX4 Sport promo car.

You can customize your crawler body to stand out from the others!


Body not included.

€ 34,95

  • 0,1 kg
  • On order for next batch
  • Next Batch: October 19, 20201

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