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We do custom design for €35 per hour extra on the decalset price. 

We make what you want on your decalset!

proboat MaximR_RC

Custom Sonicwake Proboat Decalset

Custom Proboat Sonicwake decalset.

Can be printed in matt of glossy finish, please choose you option.

For other customers, please do not buy this decalset this is custom made for Maximr_Rc.

€ 34,95

  • 10 kg
  • On order for next batch
  • Next Batch: August 23, 2021




1 Hour custom design deposit

1 Hour custom design deposit.

Only buy this product when we send you the link for this item, this product is special made to pay you deposit to let us start on you custom design.

The other custom hours will be charged when ordering you decalset.

€ 35,00

  • On order for next batch

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